Clearlake targets blight through universal service

Clearlake was one of the few cities in the State not to require garbage collection service. Not only did that put the City at risk of being fined by the State for potentially not meeting state requirements for landfill diversion of recycling, Clearlake also was experiencing the detrimental visible results evidenced by numerous illegal garbage dump sites throughout the city.

Working with Clearlake Waste Solutions, the city will implement universal solid waste collection service on April 1, 2018. Universal collection should greatly reduce the number of illegal dump sites and, therefore, the number of garbage and debris related code enforcement actions. This will help meet the goal of making Clearlake a visibly cleaner city, and allowing Code Enforcement to focus on other issues critical to the health of the community.

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Clearlake Waste Solutions is part of the family of companies operated by C&S Waste Solutions.

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