Ukiah Waste Solutions introduces mobile recycling tool

Is this juice box recyclable or not? What to do with leftover paint? How to dispose of an old microwave? Find the right answers to these questions and more at the new online Recycling Guide – Customized for the City of Ukiah, this mobile guide will help residents and businesses learn how to properly recycle or dispose of more than 200 items.

“Your smart phone is now a valuable tool in managing your household waste,” said Ukiah Waste Solutions’ General Manager Bruce McCracken. “We expect that the online guide will reduce the incidents of contamination in the blue carts and put valuable cost savings into the hands of customers.”

The Recycling Guide, found at, allows visitors to search for common items and gives accurate instructions for local reuse, recycling and disposal. The guide is simple to use and designed to work across multiple platforms including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

To see the Guide in action, please visit

Ukiah Waste Solutions is part of the family of companies operated by C&S Waste Solutions.





Clearlake targets blight through universal service

Clearlake was one of the few cities in the State not to require garbage collection service. Not only did that put the City at risk of being fined by the State for potentially not meeting state requirements for landfill diversion of recycling, Clearlake also was experiencing the detrimental visible results evidenced by numerous illegal garbage dump sites throughout the city.

Working with Clearlake Waste Solutions, the city will implement universal solid waste collection service on April 1, 2018. Universal collection should greatly reduce the number of illegal dump sites and, therefore, the number of garbage and debris related code enforcement actions. This will help meet the goal of making Clearlake a visibly cleaner city, and allowing Code Enforcement to focus on other issues critical to the health of the community.

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Clearlake Waste Solutions is part of the family of companies operated by C&S Waste Solutions.

C&S Waste Solutions now an energy neutral site

C&S Waste Solutions of California (C&S) recently installed solar energy panels at their California headquarters in Ukiah. C&S selected West Coast Solar to deploy a fully-integrated solar and storage project on the rooftops of buildings.

Estimated to generate 652.368 kwh per year, the new panels will generate enough power to classify the Ukiah campus as an “energy neutral site.” All power needed to operate the facilities will be generated by the new solar array.

“The decision to install solar was good for the environment as well as good business,” said C&S Waste Solutions of California President, Dave Carroll. “As a waste management company that is committed to sustainability, it only made sense to build that into our operational infrastructure.”

C&S Waste Solutions of California is a leading provider of comprehensive solid waste and recycling services throughout Lake and Mendocino Counties.