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Pacific Recycling Solutions commits support to Resilience Fund

Since the massive wildfires swept through Sonoma County and surrounding areas, Pacific Recycling Solutions (PRS) has been accepting concrete, metal and vehicles from fire debris sites at its facilities in Windsor, California. While the metal is transported off-site for recycling, the concrete has been stockpiled at Pruitt Industrial Park. Over 100,000 tons of concrete came […]

Ukiah Waste Solutions introduces mobile recycling tool

Is this juice box recyclable or not? What to do with leftover paint? How to dispose of an old microwave? Find the right answers to these questions and more at the new online Recycling Guide – UkiahRecycles.com. Customized for the City of Ukiah, this mobile guide will help residents and businesses learn how to properly […]

Pacific Recycling Solutions is key partner in California wildfire response

As a result of the devastating wildfires in October, disaster authorities estimate over 1,000,000 tons of fire debris has been generated in Sonoma County alone. Pacific Recycling Solutions (PRS) has mobilized multiple fire debris sites at Pruitt Industrial Park, which is located in Windsor and close to many of the neighborhoods leveled by the fire […]

Clearlake targets blight through universal service

Clearlake was one of the few cities in the State not to require garbage collection service. Not only did that put the City at risk of being fined by the State for potentially not meeting state requirements for landfill diversion of recycling, Clearlake also was experiencing the detrimental visible results evidenced by numerous illegal garbage […]

C&S Waste Solutions now an energy neutral site

C&S Waste Solutions of California (C&S) recently installed solar energy panels at their California headquarters in Ukiah. C&S selected West Coast Solar to deploy a fully-integrated solar and storage project on the rooftops of buildings. Estimated to generate 652.368 kwh per year, the new panels will generate enough power to classify the Ukiah campus as […]