Sustainability starts with internal company-wide initiatives and practices that reflect a well-managed organization that plans for the future and is capable of delivering superior services in a reliable and efficient manner. In this regard, C&S adheres to the following major principles:

  • Customer rates that are sufficient to fund tasks and programs required by franchising agencies
  • An organizational structure, which is well-defined and understood by all employees, ensuring performance and accountability through all levels of operation
  • A workforce that is trained and fully understands what is expected in terms of performance and has the resources necessary for completion of tasks in a timely and professional manner
  • Employees who are treated with respect and are assured a safe workplace environment
    A commitment to the workforce to provide a fair and just compensation package that covers health and retirement benefits, and aimed at recruiting and retaining valuable employees
  • Utilization of fully permitted facilities for disposal and processing of all materials collected by the Company
  • Adherence to all laws, regulations and provisions of contracts and agreements
  • As a service provider in California, sustainability is a cornerstone of our business. Landfill diversion is a priority, and our recycling efforts recover valuable material for reuse. In Nevada, we are working to bring similar programs and technologies to the communities we serve.

In addition to recycling and recovery, we deploy route optimization software and perform fleet upgrades to lower our carbon footprint. We invest in solar energy and sustainable internal business practices to protect our valuable natural resources.