Nevada FAQs


What time does my garbage need to be out for collection?
Is there any discount if I pay for a year in advance?
Can I use my own can instead of your cart?
Can I put my service on hold when I am away on vacation?
Do you have bins that lock?
Can I put my cart on the other side of the street with my neighbor's?
If I have needles, how do I dispose of them?
How soon can I get my cart, bin, and roll-off delivered or emptied?
Is there a weight limit on my bin or roll-off?
What if I cannot come to your office during regular hours of operation to make a payment?
Can your company automatically take the payment out of my bank account when my bill is due?
Is there a fee for a cart not returned when I move and discontinue service?
How often am I billed?
How can I make a payment?
What if my garbage is missed?
If service was stopped for nonpayment, can it be restored?
The lid or wheel on my cart is damaged. Can I get a new one?
Can I have my cart cleaned?