New Recycling Facility Opens

New Facility
Pacific Recycling Solutions has opened a new Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Ukiah. This facility processes recyclables which are collected in "single-stream" programs run by our affiliates, Ukiah Waste Solutions, Clearlake Waste Solutions, and Lake County Waste Solutions. Single-Stream Recycling programs allow residents and businesses to put all appropriate recyclables in one cart or bin. It is very "user friendly" and increases the volume of recyclables collected in our communities and reduces the amount of material sent to landfills.

At the MRF, recyclables which have been mixed together are separated by a combination of mechanical processes and hand sorting. Once sorted, materials are baled or containerized for shipment to processors where these recyclables are used again to make consumer products.

In order for the MRF to run at maximum efficiency and produce marketable products, it is important that all recyclables be clean and uncontaminated with garbage and other non-acceptable items. Ukiah Waste Solutions, Clearlake Waste Solutions and Lake County Waste Solutions have initiated an aggressive campaign to remind customers of the need to keep recycling clean (click here for more information).

The new MRF is available only to commercial recycling collectors and is not open to the public.

The public can drop-off recyclables at the Solid Waste System's Transfer Facility located at 3151 Taylor Drive in Ukiah, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. CRV Buy-Back is available from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Why is it important to keep recyclables clean?

When mixed recyclables enter the MRF, they pass through a series of conveyors and screens designed to sort these materials. Contaminants such as garbage, food waste and plastic bags plug screens and conveyor belts. In either case, the system must be shut down for repairs. Finally, contaminants such as Hazardous Waste are strictly forbidden by law from being placed in recycle carts or bins. For information about proper Hazardous Waste disposal, call the Mendocino Solid Waste Authority at (707) 468-9704 or visit them at

Is there a benefit to customers if recyclables are kept clean?

Yes. There is a significant benefit to all ratepayers. Recyclables are sold to processors who use the material to make new consumer products. The revenues received from the sale of recyclables are used to help offset some of the cost of garbage collection and disposal. Processors will only purchase recyclables which meet the highest standards of cleanliness. If recycling is contaminated and cannot be sold or contamination results in diminished prices received, garbage rates will ultimately increase. (Click here for information about what is acceptable in recycling carts or bins.)

Tours of the MRF

Tours of the MRF are available to school groups and civic organizations. To arrange for a tour, contact us at (707) 234-6400