Keeping Recyclables Clean

Ukiah Waste Solutions, Clearlake Waste Solutions and Lake County Waste Solutions have initiated an aggressive campaign to keep recyclables clean and free of contamination. This campaign includes the distribution of educational materials, presentations to schools and civic organizations, curbside cart "audits", non-collection of contaminated carts and, ultimately, additional charges to customers who continue to put contaminated materials in recycling carts.

Recyclables collected in the single-stream program are delivered to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) operated by an affiliated company, Pacific Recycling Solutions. At the MRF, recyclables are sorted, baled, and sold to processors. Recyclables are the "raw materials" used to make new products. Revenues received from selling recyclables are used to offset some of the cost of garbage collection which benefits all customers. Residents and businesses are reminded that acceptable items include clean newspaper, office paper, junk mail, cereal boxes, non-waxed cardboard, milk and water jugs, plastic beverage containers, glass, food and beverage containers, aluminum and tin cans, and plastics labeled with a 1 through 7 on the bottom of the containers. Rigid plastics such as plant pots and plastic buckets are accepted; however, they must fit loosely in the cart with the lid closed.

There should be no food waste or household garbage in the recycle carts. Food containers must be empty and rinsed of residual food. Recyclables must not be bagged and everything should fit loosely in the cart.

For more information about what is acceptable in recycling carts, click here.