Lassen County Services FAQ


What are the current service rates?
What time will collection be made?
Where should I place my garbage, recycling and greenwaste carts?
How should I arrange my carts?
Can I put my cart on the other side of the street with my neighbor's?
What if my garbage, recycling or greenwaste is missed?
How soon can I get my cart, bin, and roll-off delivered or emptied?
What is the weight limit for carts?
How can I get a larger or smaller garbage cart?
The lid or wheel on my cart is damaged. Can I get a new one?
How do I to subscribe to weekly greenwaste service?
What is the holiday schedule?
Why can't I put greenwaste in bags and put the bags in the cart?
Can I get a clean-up bin or box for a few days?
Do you have bins that lock?
How often am I billed?
How can I make a payment?
Are discounts available for senior citizens?
How much am I paying for residential recycling?
Is there a fee for a cart not returned when I move and discontinue service?
If service was stopped for nonpayment, can it be restored?
What is the advantage of automated collection?
Why does the collection driver pick-up two materials at one time?
Why is it important to keep single-stream recyclables clean and free of contamination?
Is there a benefit to customers in keeping recycling clean?
Can I recycle clothes and used toys?
Is there an advantage to "single stream" recycling?
How do I recycle home electronics (E-Waste) such as televisions and computers?
Where does this "E-Waste" go?
Do you offer recycling at special events such as community fairs and celebrations?
More Questions?