Recycling is an important part of integrated services offered by C&S Waste Solutions.

We strongly encourage all of our customers to practice the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Waste reduction and recycling is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Saves natural resources
  • Saves valuable landfill space
  • Provides local jobs
  • Creates new products

Recycling can save money for customers:

  • In most cases, your bill is based on the size and/or frequency of collection of your garbage cart or bin. The more material that is recycled means less garbage disposal.

In California, State law (AB 939) requires each county and city to achieve a 50% diversion rate. In order to achieve this mandate, C&S Waste Solutions offers Single-Stream recycling. It is easy and convenient. All recyclable materials are placed in your blue cart or bin.

Recycling Guide

Single-Stream Recycling Guide

What To Recycle In Your Blue Cart or Bin:

Paper Products


Office Paper and Stationery
Boxboard (Shoeboxes, Cereal Boxes)
Junk Mail
Newspapers and All Inserts
Egg Cartons
Magazines and Catalogs
Phone Books
Paper Bags
Paper Back Books (soft-cover books)
Paper Packaging
Shredded Paper (Place in Clear Plastic Bags)
Milk and Juice Cartons
Aluminum Cans
Tin and Steel Food Cans
Small Scrap Metal
Lids From Jars
Aluminum Foil and Pie Tins
Empty Aerosol Cans (non-toxic materials only)



All CRV Containers (soda and water bottles)
All Juice Containers
Bottles and Jugs (shampoo and detergents)
Milk Jugs
Butter Tubs and Yogurt Containers
Plastic Buckets and Plastic Containers labeled #1 - #7
Plant Pots

Food and Beverage jars and bottles. Remove lids.

Clear and colored

Additional Plastics Only for Customers in Unicorporated Lake County

Plastic Grocery Bags: Stuff grocery bags inside another grocery bag until it makes a 'ball'. Then securely tie the outer bag to avoid litter. Double wrap these bags in clear plastic.

What is prohibited in Your Blue Recycling Cart or Bin:

Window Glass
Drinking glasses
Ceramic mugs
Light bulbs
Fluorescent tubes
Hard-cover books
Plastic sheeting or tarps
Food Waste or Food-Contaminated Materials
Pizza Boxes
Waxed Cardboard or Paper
Photographs or Blueprint Paper
Napkins, Paper Towels, Tissues
CDs, DVDs, Videos, Cassettes
All electronic waste (computers, televisions, radios, phones, small appliances
All Hazardous Waste (motor oil, filters, auto batteries, paints, thinners, pesticides, etc.)

Please remember to empty all food and liquid from containers before putting them in your recycle cart or bin.

All recyclables must fit inside cart or bin. Lids must close. Loose material will not be collected.

For residential customers with a blue cart, collection is made the same day as garbage service.

Greenwaste and Wood Waste Recycling

Greenwaste and Wood Waste Recycling plays a key part in helping California counties and cities meet the diversion goals of AB 939.

Like the more conventional recycling of paper, cans and bottles, greenwaste recycling has the following benefits:

  • Saves natural resources
  • Saves valuable landfill space
  • Provides local jobs
  • Creates new products such as compost and landscape cover

Greenwaste and Wood Waste Recycling Guide

What To Put in Your Green Cart:

Grass clippings
Brush and prunings
Tree trimmings less than 4 inches in diameter
Garden plants
Small pieces of unpainted wood

What is Prohibited In Your Green Cart:

Painted wood
Grease or oils
Pet waste
Plastic nursery pots
Plastic bags
Rock, brick or cement
Metal of any sort

Please "Keep The Green Clean"

All greenwaste must fit inside your cart. Lid must close. Loose material will not be collected.

For residential customers with a green cart, collection is made on the same day as garbage service.