Resource Recovery Facility

Material Recovery Facility

Pacific Recycling Solutions operates a state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Ukiah. At this facility we:

  • Process recyclables collected in single-stream programs operated by Ukiah Waste Solutions, Clearlake Waste Solutions, and Lake County Waste Solutions (affiliated companies).
  • Sort, remove contaminants, bale, and ship recyclables to manufacturers for production of new consumer products.

Green and Wood Waste Operation

We also process woodwaste and green waste at our Ukiah facility. This material comes from our curbside collection programs, our drop-off program operated at 230 Soda Bay Road in Lakeport and materials sorted at our Transfer Station located at 3151 Taylor Drive in Ukiah.

After any contaminants are removed, wood and green waste is processed through a grinder and used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Compost production
  • Landscaping materials (visit Reuser Inc. to learn more about landscape products made from recycled wood and green waste)
  • Generation of electricity

Baled Cardboard and Film Plastic Purchase

  • Pacific Recycling Solutions buys baled cardboard from commercial establishments.
  • Prices paid are dependent upon market conditions and payment is made monthly.
  • Commercial generators of baled cardboard and film plastic can use these recyclables to generate a revenue stream for their business.
  • Commercial cardboard customers can also make arrangements for the free collection of baled or loose film plastics (grocery bags, produce bags, shrink wrap and bubble wrap).
  • Arrangements for service can be made by calling (707) 234-6400.

Benefits of Recycling

All programs operated by Pacific Recycling Solutions allow for the following benefits:

  • Saving natural resources and energy
  • Diverting materials away from landfilling
  • Making new products from discarded materials
  • Creating local employment and contributing to the economic vitality of the community.